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Marketing Intern

Entreprise : FORTEDI SL

Nature : stage
Secteur : Tourisme

Discipline : Marketing

Mission :
Your role will include :
- Building the brand image and identity
- Improving the current position of existing pages and ranking of new pages through white-hat SEO (around 20% of time)

- Brainstorming the future development ideas (we will be offering new functions) with the team, preparing strategies for implementation (around 20% of time)
- Creating marketing campaigns for your market - press releases, content writing (we will provide the topics and guidances) (around 40% of time)
- Having contact with the clients, follow-up by phone, cold calling (around 20% of time)

Pays : ES
Ville : Barcelona
Début : 17/07/17
Durée si stage : entre 3 et 6 mois
Offre publiée le : 06/07/17

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Contact :
Katarzyna Banasik
Tél :
Site internet :
Adresse : Joan d'Austria 68, 1 08005 Barcelona
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